Protestactie 30 november 2007 Den Haag PDF Afdrukken

Report/photos: ACTION November 30th in the Netherlands
By Free West Papua Campaign Netherland
Dec 2, 2007, 01:06

The Dutch government is morally and politically responsible for the suffering of the West Papuan people. The Dutch government committed a CRIME against the people of West Papua. Firstly by signing the New York Agreement without asking the West Papuan people (in 1962), and secondly by ignoring the misconduct of the Act of Free Choice (in 1969).

West Papua is still a DARK PAGE in the Dutch history, just like the fall of Srebrenica. Therefore we must remind the Dutch government on their responsibility towards the people of West Papua.

We had a good discussion with Mr. Karel Hartogh (Deputy Director Asia and Oceania Department), and hopefully it was also a fertile one. Time will tell.

Happy 46th Anniversary, December 1st 1961, Day of the Morningstar.

Report by Oridek Ap
Free West Papua Campaign (NL)

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