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Dear friend of West Papua

We thank you for all your support for West Papua over the past year. The 'Free West Papua' movement has made huge strides towards achieving the goal of self-determination for the people of West Papua, and we really feel that West Papua is on the cusp of major change. This year is crucial, and the people of West Papua really need your continued help to make history.



This newsletter gives information on developments with the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP), including the launch of its website.

There is also news on the soon to be launched 'International Lawyers for West Papua' (ILWP). Finally, we have some urgent actions relating to disturbing developments in the last few days in West Papua involving Indonesian military operations against the indigeous population which have left two people dead, and also reports of Papuan political prisoners being refused drinking water.


Two prominent supporters of the IPWP, Buchtar Tabuni and Seblon Sambom, remain in police custody in Jayapura. Neither individual has had any charges levied against them, and Seblon Sambom has been refused access to see his newborn baby son.

We are deeply troubled by reports that we have received stating that for the past 3 days, Indonesian police have refused drinking water to both Buchtar Tabuni and Seblon Sambom. Both men have also been severly beaten, and are facing unprescedented levels of intimidation whilst in police custody.

We are asking for your help in contacting local and national media organisations wherever you are in the world. Also please contact the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, the Indonesian embassy in the country where you are, as well as your local MP, telling them about these new reports.

(contact details are at the bottom of this email)

News has also come through of Indonesian army raids on villages in the highland region of West Papua. On Wednesday, Indonesian commando troops backed up by the national army and police set fire to houses around Tingginambut village. Two Papuans are so far confirmed dead, and hundreds of others are hiding in the jungle.

Indonesia seems intent on reminding the world of its total disregard for human rights. Refusing water to prisoners is in direct contravention of point 20.2 of the United Nations Human Rights Commission charter. It appears that Indonesia is intent on putting themselves on a collison cause now with the United Nations, whom these latest actions have been reported to.

INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENTARIANS FOR WEST PAPUA Under the leadership of Andrew Smith MP and Lord Harries, the IPWP is steadily gathering support from all corners of the globe.

A new website has just been launched and over the coming weeks we will be adding to the growing list of International Parliamentarians who "recognise the inalienable right of the indigenous people of West Papua to self-determination, which was violated in the 1969 Act of Free Choice". Please check out the website and forward to your local politican to get their support


The legal position on West Papuan self-determination is well documented, and we are delighted that with a growing number of members of the legal profession voicing their support for West Papua, we are able to announce the launch of 'International Lawyers for West Papua'. This launch will take place in London in April. It's aims will be to mobilise those from the legal sector in supporting the legal right of the people of West Papua to self-determination.

A new website will soon be launched for this group too.


For the past 12 months we have been holding monthly vigils outside the Indonesian Embassy in London, and these will continue until West Papua gains its freedom. The next vigil is on February 15th from midday onwards.

Please come and join exiled West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda and other supporters, outside the Indonesian Embassy at 38 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 2HW.


Benny and Maria Wenda of the Free West Papua Campaign perform traditional West Papuan music as 'The Lani Singers'.

Their debut album 'Ninalik Ndawi' has recently been released here in the UK, and has received very positive reviews in national newspapers and magazines including The Observer, The Guardian, fRoots, Songlines and The Wire. The album was launched with Benny and Maria undertaking an interview and live session on BBC Radio.

You can find out more about the group and hear music at Copies of their album are available at all good retail outlets and by clicking here

We will send through another update next month. Please find at bottom of this newsletter contact details for media organisations in the UK relating to urgent actions. For those wishing to speak to the Indonesian Embassy in London about the latest human rights violation reports, you can call them direct on 02074997661.

Thanks once again for your continued support of the Free West Papua Campaign Papua Merdeka! Papua Freedom

West Papua. One People. One Soul