West Papua Emergency Camp demolitioned By Indonesia Police & Government. PDF Afdrukken

By Victor Sentani kabarpapua
Feb 2, 2009, 02:26

Sentani, [kabarpapua.com] - Indonesia Police and the government of Jayapura Regent break down West Papuan Emergency Camp. West Papua emergency camp is bild besides Theys H. Eluay. The West Papua emergency camp built because West Papua under emergency zone and all West Papua people from outside (in Indonesia) making exodus. They are going back to home because of West Papua need self determinations. It's Indonesia's crime to West Papua.


However, the UN Committee of Indigenous People Right said the Indigenous People have the right to manage their political right, their economic right, Social right, include the right for self determinations. We as the owner the land, but why Indonesia Government break down the camp like the land is not ours, said the coordinator of the camp. It's the crime to Indigenous People.

The regent of Habel Melkias Suwae as the chef of the local Indonesia Government didn't appreciate to local Indigenous People Culture. The value of West Papua culture is should appreciate by all people, include Indonesia Government. But, Habel who was collaborate with the Indonesia Police Chef, Indonesia Military Commando in Papua, and specially the Central Government of Indonesia in Jakarata has clean the activities in the park.

Habel Melkias Suwae has gotten money Rp.2 Milliard from Indonesia businessman, he is going to build Indonesia's merchant company near the park, and will use the Memorial Park of Human Right Abuses and Freedom as a place to campaign his party for Indonesia Election 2009.

The camp which was built for struggling the basic right of Indigenous people has broken by Indonesia Police and Indonesia Government thought Local People who have been used to kill down West Papuan right.

Up til now, the emergency camp moved out beside Papuan Leader, Theys H. Eluay's house. And all West Papua People from out land (Indonesia) are preparing and others on the ship to West Papua.The right of Indigenous People of West Papua are in the Emergency Conditions. International Intervention needed.

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