Demonstration London Asking Release Buchtar & Sebby Sambom Afdrukken

By WPNews
Feb 14, 2009, 00:00

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Mr Ambassador

We are here to today as a sign of solidarity with the people of West Papua who continue to live under a murderous andbrutally oppressive Indonesian regime.

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the 'Act Of No Choice' when you forced a group of tribal elders to vote in favour of intergration with Indonesia.

Your grip on West Papua is coming looser. International support for West Papuan self-determination is growing and soon West Papua will once again be FREE. Just like East Timor is FREE.

Your country is weak.

Why are you so scared of International Parliamentarians for West Papua? Why do you lock up and imprison those in West Papua that support this democratic process? I thought you said Indonesia was a democratic country where people were free to express themselves!!

Is it because you are scared??

You are nothing but a pathetic hypocrite. Everything you possess is covered in Papuan blood. From the car you drive to the clothes your wife wears. All money from West Papua's resources funds you.
Shame on you Mr Ambassador. Shame on you and your country.

How dare you refuse drinking water and food to Buchtar Tabuni and Seblon Sambom. How dare you allow them to be tortured because they support International Parliamentarians for West Papua.

Just remember these words.


If we do not receive a personal response to this letter within 5 working days we will deem that you support the murder of the people of West Papua. We will deem that you support the mistreatment of political prisoners. If we do not receive a reply to this letter we use this as evidence to tell the United Nations that Indonesia admit that they are carrying out
genocide of the indigenous people in West Papua.


Benny WendaWest Papua Independence Leader