The Hearing of the Fakfak District Court Afdrukken

The Hearing of the Fakfak District Court Decision in the Case of the Morning Stars Flag Riser 19 July 2008.
On Tuesday 3 January 2009, Fakfak the District Court sentence 2 years prison for the responsible activity Morning Stars Flag Riser 19 July 2008. In front of the building Act of No Choice, on behalf of the defendant and TUTUROP SIMON TADEUS WERIPANG, In reading the verdict read by the Chairman of Judges Assembly Baskara Bosman, SH. who is the head of the District Court decided Fakfak prison sentence of 2 years previous Jakasa public prosecutor AH Mayangkara, SH

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Requires 7 years in prison, the judge that the defendant has a valid and convincing conduct criminal evil plot to separate the part of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
The according to a description of the witness and the defendant that the Destination Morning Stars Flag Riser in front of the building PEPERA it want to Separation from the Republic of Indonesia, the Nation of Papua has been Proclaiming the Independence of the symbol- of a legitimate country on 1 December 1962 and the Proclamation of Papua independence on 3 June 1982 has been Proclamation complete with the Basic Law of the Republic of Papua are only not recognized by the world and international.

Simon and Tadeus receive Decision with the smile, according to him this is part of the 2 year struggle with the same 2 day course. Simon and Tadeus front door of the Fakfak court shake hands while with the visitors council accept the love of all Indigenous people who have never deserted in every trial, and also the contributor to pay for and the process of this trial.

Previous on 27 January 2009 ago Fakfak District Court Decision has also been read to the accused of Flag Patrimony stars KEJORA 19 July 2008 on behalf of Benediktus Tuturop, Tomas Telis Piahar and Nimbitkendik, they do smiths in penalty Decision of six months a year in prison, the cut-resistant 6 months 1 sunday a previous prosecutor public prosecutor ROHMADI. SH. provide a claim that high school is 7 years imprisonment., In a radio interview that Momunitas HMS Fakfak in relay by radio KBR68H Jakarta judge that will make the possibilities of The Letter is.

Therefore the end of the legal process against the defendant events Bunting Stars KEJORA Fakfak in the country of Papua.

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