Attack on Papua Police Kills One Afdrukken

One person was shot dead in Papua city of Abepura, the scene of the 2006 riot which killed three police officers and one military personnel, in an attack at a police precinct hours before polls opened.

Local police declined to identify the attackers or comment on the incident, which followed by seizure at the Cendrawasih University about three kilometers from the police precinct.Reports said about 100 people attacked Abepura police precint after threats to attack other police precincts in Jayapura circulating through short message service hours before the attack . The attack occurred at around 1 AM (14:00 GMT) forcing police to release shots to the mob which killed one person. At about 3 AM local time the attackers set the lecturers office of Cendrawasih University on fire and prevented fire fighters to enter the university compound.
Police conduct search in the area on Thursday morning and reportedly have took control over the university but no report on how police took over security in the area. About ten makeshift bombs found near the attack site just about 20 meters from the Abepura precinct and 14 people were detained to be questioned.Police also deployed its personnel to several stretegic locations in the city including Waena power generator, regional office of the state telecommunications company, several governmnet offices, and pivate proporties.The attack was the latest in a series of incidents in different areas in the province which killed five people. In other pre-election incident in Papua, three people were killed and two were seriously injured on Wednesday night in Wamena. Five motorcycle taxi riders in the city was attacked almost simultaneously in five separate areas by unidentified men.
Three of the riders were killed by knives while two others sustained severe injuries.It was the deadliest among at leas four incidents in the city, the two othe victims were killed in the fuel depot explosion in Biak and the mob attack in Abepura.Days before the election was held, anti-government rallies reported in different cities in the province calling for Papuans to boycott the election.