Police suspect OPM in Abepura attacks PDF Afdrukken

Spokesman for the National Police Insp. Gen. Abubakar Nataprawira said early police findings on the violent attacks in Abepura last week indicate the involvement of the Free Papua Movement.

“We suspect that the Free Papua Organization (OPM) is behind the series of attacks,” Abubakar told reporters on Monday.

A series of attacks rocked Papua on Thursday last week as legislative elections were being held nationwide. A bomb exploded on the bridge Muara Tanim, near the border of Papua and Papua New Guinea, followed by series of attacks to police stations in Abepura.

Almost at the same time, a bomb exploded in a building on the campus of Cendrawasih University, destroying it and several cars parked nearby.

He also said the police had found three more homemade bombs, including a Molotov cocktail and two pipe bombs, stored in a trash cans located in the front of a store in Abepura district, Jayapura, on Sunday.

He said five men: Saharudin, Junaidi, Ansel, Joseph Romulus and Johnny Emburi, had been questioned as witnesses after the bombs were found.