Bombs Found In Indonesia's Papua: Indos Police Making Up Their Own Stories PDF Afdrukken

According to the Commander in of TRPB, "the Bombs being revealed are orchestrated by the Indonesian army and police. All fighters of TRPB have been withdrawn once in one hour and nobody is wandering around in the city. We only had something to do with the General Elections, not even aday after that."

This was a reply from the TRPB commander when SPMNews contacted him aboutthe bombs being found a day after the attack in Posel Abepura.

He repeatedly said, "You know Indonesian army and police, they mostly provoke and orchestrate many events and conflicts in West Papua. We have said before, we have something to do on the 9 April 2009, not before and
not after that."

They Indonesian army also paid the PNG Foreign Affaris officials and they came to the TRPB HQ asking Gen. Wenda to go to Wamena and fight there, not in Vanimo or around the border area. Gen. A. Tabi as his Sec-General
replied, "This is not a war against Wamena and other tribes, but it is for the whole New Guinea Island, and the capital of West Papua is not Wamena,but Numbay."

The Indonesian army already arrested 5 students at Ninmin Students Dormitory in Abepura, one was shot dead, two hospitalised.

Previus report from TRPB also said, "6 students from another Student Resident in Expo Waeana, a small town between Sentani (Airport) and Numbay also arrested and their fate is unknown."

Regarding this war, SPMNews once again asked Mr. Wenda, "Do you plan to continue this fight, even though you said only on 9 April 2009?" He replied, "We are under the command, nobody is acting outside the order,
nobody will do things without command. The order was clear, ONE DAY OPERATION. If it becomes two days or more, that Indonesians are making them up. But you must know that all Papuans, and particularly the fighters
have been at war since 1960-s, there have been no ceasefire as far as I know. Anytime from now, anything can happen, but again, nothing will happen outside the order."

SPMNews then asked him, "You are actually saying the war will continue?" Gen. Wenda replied, "It has been continuing, it will stop until Austraia and New Zealand intervene into this conflict that they know well why and how to solve it."

SPMNews further asked, "You are also saying this war will affect those two countries?"

Gen Tabi, "We are talking about geopolitics, regional security and humanity. How can these two democratic countries allow us being wipped out from our land just for the sake of the resources here, undermining our dignity as human beins and identity as Melanesians for almost a half
century now? This war is spreading accross Melanesia.

All Melanesians from Sorong to Futuna and Fiji are crying because of the genocide happening here for such a long time, just in front of our eyes. We are now organising regionally to fight against this neo-colonial state.

The expansion of so-called "Majapahit Empire" as planned in 1961, based on the dream of GREAT INDONESIA from Sumatra to Samarai (PNG) is more and more becoming a reality, and that means many things, including the expansion of Islam and religius fundamentalism/extremeism that has been very fertile in Indonesian politics and society.

You can come here at the border areas from north to south and will be surprised how logging companies and Islam expansion are going hand-in-hand. Of course,business/trading and the expansion of modern
religions are not a new phenomenon. We have seen it in all modern religions.

Now, how can Australia/New Zealand as the Western States in the Southern hemisphere be save when this very fertile state for terrorism is expanding? I hope this generation will not leave problems and nightmares for their unwise polices just for temporary resources exploitations to our
future generations."