Armed Group Occupies Airstrip in Papua Afdrukken
SiswantoRabu,                                 20 Mei 2009, 13:18 WIB

bentrok di mimika-papuaVIVAnews. The rebels have also recruited 150 men from the villages.

- Head of Papua Police Department Insp. Gen. FX Bagus Ekodanto said that the Perintis Airstrip in Kapeso village, Mamberamo Hilir District, Mamberano Raya regency, has been occupied by the armed troops led by Dicki Mbri, Cosmos Makamuri, and Alex Makamuri since Wednesday, May 13. However, the police just learned about the case on Friday, May 15.

“Mambramo Raya Regent, Demianus Kyu-kyu and some of the public figures came to the police station on Sunday requesting for help in stopping the armed troops’ actions”, he said.

According to Ekodanto, the armed group consist of 70 people who are using the AKs, FNs, Minimis, assembled weapons, arrows and choppers as the weapons. Since occupying the airport, the rebels have also recruited 150 men from the villages to join them. “They have managed to recruit hundreds of men to become their members”, he said.

The armed group were also intimidating the villagers, telling them not to leave the village until unspecified period.

Besides sending the Special Detachment 81 squad, the police will also assign the Mobile Brigade unit (Brimob) to negotiate with the troops. The unit are planned to be sent on Wednesday, May 20 using the Papua Perintis 2 boat. “We will be using the persuasive approach. If it does not work, we’ll find other ways”, Ekodanto said.

It will take two days for the Papua-2 boat to reach the occupied area from Jayapura. There is not any police station in Kapeso village. The closest station is located in Samisi village which is four hours away by boat.


Translated by: Nataya Ermanti