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A Report on the violent conflict in the nation of Papua during the period of the general election for the legislature and presidency in April, May, June 2009)

By Markus Haluk

(From the Working Team for National Consensus of the People of Papua)

Jayapura, 31 Juli 2009


For those who love and fight for Justice for the People of Papua who I respect, this is an opportunity for the Working Team for National Consensus to consider the events of the period of the general election for the legislature (9th April) and presidency on the 8th July 2009.

In line with our experience and writings during these events of violence in these last four months of continuous rising disasters, beginning with messages coming out of the threat of violence and terror via SMS messages, the appearance of terrifying and intimidating messages over the media, arbitrary arrests, imprisonment by the armed forces of civilians, the suppression of all our rights:

freedom, democracy, human and legal rights; inhuman shootings, attacks by the armed forces whether groups were or were not known to be from the TPN/OPM; plane crashes; searching offices and citizens’ houses, especially those suspected of flying the Bintang Kejora flag when the plane crashed in Papua. Nearly all the time during this period some of these things were happening.

This report is written in 3 major parts and some smaller sub-sections. In Part I, we give a detailed account of the physical and psychological violence that has happened in this period of four months (April, May, June and July).

Then, in Part II we will make a map and analyse the details of the events. Some of the violence which happened which we are looking at happened in the city of Jayapura, unfortunate event of the plane crash in Mambramo Raya district, the terror events in the city of Jawijaya, the attacks in Nabire district, the fire attack in Puncak Raya and the shootings in Timika. Besides this, we review the direction of the country of Papua in this violent conflict and see what the end will be, and we will also look at the period during the leadership of Susilo Bambang Yudhuyono, and the hopes we have for the leadership in the future. Part III of our report is a closure. In this part we will try to give some conclusions which are yet to be confirmed.

The sources of this report are from our experience and views of the actual things that have happened during the election period. The report is written from notes we have kept, and we have also used media sources from the daily press printed in Jayapura such as Cenderawasih Pos, Bintang Papua and the Papua Times.

Finally we are aware that this report is not perfect for broadcasting, even though we have received reports from all sides and carefully documented them. Before finishing this prologue, I want to quote this message:

“On this rock I place the future of the people of Papua; our people have great wisdom, local knowledge and mystical knowledge, but do not have leadership of their own. The people will be raised up and their leadership will come from themselves.” Izaak Samuel Kinje, Aitumeri Wasior Minggu, 25 Oktober 1925.

Jayapura Papua Barat, 31 July 2009

Markus Haluk
Leader of the Working Team

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