Video footage of Indonesian troops opening fire on peaceful West Papua protestors Afdrukken

Shocking video footage has emerged showing Indonesian troops opening fire on Papuan protestors in Jayapura, West Papua on 1st December.

A number of Papuans including women and children had gathered by the roadside to mark independence day. They were holding a flag raising ceremony and signing the Papuan national anthem in Abepura district when an army truck pulled up. On the footage, Indonesian troops can be seen disbanding from the truck and firing shots into the crowd before bundling protestors and their flags / placards into the back of an army lorry.

Thirteen protestors remain in custody with no indication given on what charges will be levied against them or their likely sentences.


In another episode, prisoners at Abepura Prison rioted after Papuan political prisoner Buchtar Tabuni was beaten and tortured by prison guards. Tabuni, currently serving a 3 year sentence for his support of International Parliamentarians for West Papua had raised objections to prison officials after having been refused water for 2 days. Following his beating which left him unable to see in both eyes, Tabuni was refused medical attention, and prisoners began rioting. An angry mob also descended outside the prison after news of the beating spread, leading to TNI troops being called in to disperse the crowd with force.

Human rights groups this week renewed calls on the Indonesian Government to allow the International Committe of the Red Cross to return to West Papua as more reports of human rights abuses came to light. Amnesty International also appealed directly to the Indonesian Government to urgently investigate a catalogue of human rights cases involving abuses against Papuans by the Indonesian military.