Papuan Separatist Leader Killed During Indonesian Police Raid Afdrukken

Kelly Kwalik, a leader of the separatist Free Papua Movement (OPM), was killed in the early hours of Wednesday morning during a police raid on his hideout in Timika, Papua.

Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comsr. Agus Rianto said that police shot Kwalik at 3 a.m. after he pointed a revolver gun at them.

“During the raid, he (Kwalik) tried to fight the police by pointing a gun at the policemen. One of the police shot Kelly’s left leg. We took him to Kuala Kencana hospital but he died shortly after arriving at the hospital,” Agus told Metro TV.

According to police, Kwalik was allegedly involved in an attack on the PT Freeport Indonesia mine in 2002. His name has been on the police’s wanted list since 2004.

“We received information that Kelly Kwalik often visited the house. During the raid, we also arrested six other people in the house, including a woman and a child. We can’t say what their relationship to Kwalik was yet because they are still being questioned at the police station,” Agus said.

Kelly Kwalik’s corpse was still being held at the hospital. The police were still trying to reach his family and relatives to make funeral arrangements.