Police question five people over Kelly’s activities Afdrukken

The National Police is considering relocating five people to Jakarta after they were arrested during a raid that is believed to have killed rebel group leader Kelly Kwalik in the Papua regency of Mimika early on Wednesday.

Spokesman for the National Police, Insp. Gen. Nanan Soekarna, said the move was aimed at protecting Jeep Murip, 24, Noni Sanawarme, 35, Martimus Katarame, 21, Yorni Murip, 10, Yosep Kwamtik, 60, from possible retaliation by Free Papua Organization (OPM) separatist group members.

“We will soon decide whether to fly them to Jakarta for further questioning,” Nanan told a media conference.

Papua Police are currently questioning them over a series of acts of separatism across the region.

Chief of the police’s counter-terror squad Brig. Gen. Tito Karnavian, who also attended the press conference, said the police were prepared for any attacks as a result of the raid.

“We need to anticipate any outcome, including retaliation from [Kelly’s] friends,” he said.

During the raid the police also seized documents belonging to the OPM, a hand gun, ammunition, a sickle, two bows and 12 arrows.

Nanan said the police were hunting four suspected accomplices of Kelly who allegedly helped him organize separatist activity across the island. He declined to identify the suspects.

Police will conduct DNA tests to confirm whether the man killed during the raid is indeed Kelly.