Papua high court comes down hard on separatist flag hoisters Afdrukken

The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Fri, 01/09/2009 10:46 AM  |  National

The Jayapura High Court in Papua has handed down given harsher penalties, 3.5-year jail terms, to 12 separatist flag hoisters, has reported.

The 12 activists had been sentenced to just eight months in jail for flying Morning Star separatist flags in Manokwari regency, West Papua, several times in March last year. They appealed that the Manokwari District Court decision.

Yan Christian Warinussy, the defendants' lawyer, said Friday the high court had overreacted with its decision.

"The court said in its verdict the defendants had engaged in a rebellion and were trying to set up a separate country. What actually happened in Papua contradicts their view," he said.

The activists hoisted the flags during rallies protesting government regulation 77/2007 which bans the display of separatist flags. (dre)