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West Papua Photo News :Report from LP3BH, Manokwari received on 24 February 2009

On Friday 20 February, the police in Manokwri summoned the chairman of the Manokwari Dewan Adat (Traditional Council) Barnabar Mandacan, and the chairman of the Papuan Youth National Committee John Warijo to appear as defendants on charges of subversion (makar) in connection with
their efforts to separate a part or the whole of State Territory and place it under the authority of a foreign power or for the purpose of separating the said region, having pursued this in public, orally and in writing, inciting others to engage in unlawful acts by means of violence or inciting persons to act against the law, on 1 December 2008 from 10am until 5.00pm in Borarsi Square Manokwari.

The two said persons will be charged under Article 110 of the Criminal Code (regarding makar), and articles 160, 55 and 56. [Penalty of up to
six years.]

The said summons was signed by the Chief of Criminal Investigation, police commissioner I Nyoman Susama.

They were summoned in order to be interrogated on 23 February at 9.00am.. However, neither of them was able to comply with the summons as they were otherwise occupied.

The undersigned, as their lawyer, went to the police office regarding the summons and it was agreed that the two would appear on Thursday 26 February.

On the same day, there was a response from the public in Manokwari. At 10.30, about 300 people from traditional groups undertook a long march, carrying banners and distributing leaflets saying: 'Stop Subversion Charges against the Papuan People!', 'Stop intimidating Papuans with subversion allegations', 'Release all political prisoners immediately',

The long march which began at 12.15 and ended as 13.51 outside the office of the District Chief of Manokwari was peaceful. When the crowd was outside the District Chief's office, speeches were made by several people and a meeting was held with the Deputy District Chief and some of his staff., when the crowd call for speedy enactment of the demands.

During the event, there was a heavy presence from the police force. At the end of the event, prayers were said led by Jack Kayoi.

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