Papauan separatist group intercept police spy PDF Afdrukken

A Papuan separatist group (TPN/OPM) on Saturday had held a Supiori police officer hostage for seven hours, confiscating his revolver, reported on Sunday.

Papua police chief Bagus Ekodanto confirmed on Sunday that the incident had occurred on Saturday and that the officer had been released and is currently at Supiori Police station.

According to Ekodanto, the kidnapping was sparked by an intelligence operation in the Amias village, in which 10 undercover intelligence officers had been sent to investigate the activities of a TPN/OPM group that was reported to have been harassing local residents.

The officer had been part of the first group assigned to the village, Ekodanto said. He had been apprehended by members of the group and taken to the residence of a separatist leader.

Ekodanto said the officer was eventually released after negotiations. The weapon that the group confiscated, however, was not returned.

"Even though this is the case, the Supiori deputy regent has promised to do whatever he can to help secure the return of the weapon," Ekodanto said. (amr)