a message today directly from West Papua PDF Afdrukken

SPMNews received a message today directly from West Papua saying "one of the students who was shot and hospitalised in Numbay, West Papua died because of hanged by the Indoneian army after being taken away from the hospital today, 22 April 2009."

The message continues, "Student Heri Logo was shot and hospitalised on 9 April 2009. He had been continuously monitored, interrogated, tortured and threatened by the Indoneisan intelligent agents and some police who came
openly in uniform. They forced the students to acknowledge that it was them that attacked the police stations.

When they denied, they were tortured and forced to acknowledge their involvement. Until finally, Heri was hanged outside, not in hospital, in West Papua and died today,"

The message also reports, "Another colleague of the late Heri Logo, Alinus Uaga is currently in the same hospital, and he also told us that he is being continuously terrorised and interrogated, and many times being
tortured on his wound as he was also shot on the 9 April 2009."

The message also questions, "Do the world and civilised human beings out there know what we are experiencing here? Until how many more should die that they will do anything at all to bring these to an end? They should tell us how many more to day, so that we can give our lives and they the
civilised and democratic world will help us!"

SPMNews hereby would like to express OUR DEEP CONDOLENCE for the death of Heri Logo, as one of the young heroes of West Papua. We pray that all beings will reward the sacrifice to the better future of our communities in our beloved New Guinea Island and for all Melanesians in the South Pacific.

SPMNews also would like to ask for your help, West Papua Independence supporters and all human rights activists who read this sad news to help us by writing to the Government of Indoneia expressing your concern about this situation.