International Committee of the Red Cross thrown out of West Papua PDF Afdrukken

In another episode of intense paranoia, the Indonesian regime have thrown out the International Committee of the Red Cross from West Papua, simply because they visited Papuan political prisoners.

What is Indonesia trying to hide from the outside world? They already ban human rights observers and foreign journalists. Now they ban the only remaining humanitarian relief group in the country.

Indonesia’s actions send a clear message to the outside world that in West Papua now there is only suffering, intimidation. Indonesia are killing, raping and torturing Papuans every day. The crimes against humanity that Indonesia are trying to hide from the outside world must be acted upon by the international community.

We must not forget that it was only ten years ago that the world looked on in horror as Indonesia committed the most evil genocide in East Timor. The UN must ensure that the same does not happen in West Papua. A UN peacekeeping force must be sent to West Papua immediately. Urgent international intervention is required.