The Indonesia Judge and Police are scared of the word Freedom and Self Determination PDF Afdrukken

The Indonesia Judge and Police are scared of the word Freedom and Self Determination. In West Papua people are not allowed to peacefully express themselves.

Two West Papuan Human Right Activists Bucthar Tabuni and Sebby Sambom attended the Jayapura High Court today. Buchtar Tabuni has now attended the court 12 times, and the judge has never allowed full eye witness report or provided evidence of the 'offence' that Buchtar Tabuni is accused of committing.

Sebby Sambom has now attended court 4 time, and the Indonesia judge and police have failed to bring any genuine eye witness or evidnece to the court.

What crime have Buchtar Tabuni and Sebby Sambom committed?
Buchtar and Sebby peacefully and democratically supported the launch of IPWP. This was a process that was launched 5000 miles away in London. The launch of IPWP was supported by every Papuan. The Indonesian authorities refuse Papuans the right to freedom of speech or freedom of expression.

We Support Launch of IPWP in London
We West Papuan want to Freedom
We West Papuan want Independence
We West Papuan want Self Determination
Indonesia must Give Our Right Back
We are not Indonesian
We are Melanesian peoples
We drew the picture of West Papua Map
We Want Freedom
We want Freedom.

Dear Friend of West Papua around the World Indonesia Judge and Police against us because we all West Papua Supporting Democratically IWLP Launched in London.

Indonesian authorities claim that Indonesia is a democratic country and we promote democracy. But the trails of Buchtar Tabuni and Sebby Sambom prove that Indonesian is lying to the world. They use military power to oppress West Papuan Peoples.

Please help to be Free in our own Land and Own Country.
Here the our photo in the trial