Lawyer asks about progress in the murder ofOpinus Tabuni PDF Afdrukken

A leading human rights lawyer in West Papua, Anum Siregar has expressed her concern that there has been no follow-up regarding the shooting dead of Opinus Tabuni, who died during an event to commemorate the anniversary of indigenous people's day on 9 August 2008.

As a member of the team of lawyers set up to advise those affected by the case, she said that they would persist in pressing for the case to be dealt with. It is apparent that the case has been simply buried, with the result that no one knows what has happened.

She said that at her most recent meeting with the the chief of police in February this year, she had been told that he could not say when the case would be resolved, it could be in two months or four months. 'There is no clarity at all,' she said. Perhaps it is because the police are handling more interesting cases, or simply that they have forgotten about it. Or has it already been handed on the attorney-generals' office?'

'It should surely be possible for the police to deal with this case because they have already explained that they had established that the firearm that killed Tabuni was not from the police.

It would appear that the police do not dare to deal with the case either because the feel that they do not have the authority to do so or they dont have the courage to do so,' she said.

[COMMENT: This is another of the many cases of killings or maltreatment in West Papua with no one being brought to justice, revealing that the culture of impunity is still alive and well there. A possible
explanation is that the police are unwilling to make public their findings about the killing because they have reason to believe that the military were involved. This may perhaps be implied from the carefully worded remarks made by Anum Siregar. TAPOL]

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