Indonesia Armed Forces Attack Indigenous People PDF Afdrukken

Indonesia Armed Forces Attack the Local Indigenous People in Abepura, West Papua

The date, on May 25 2009 Indonesia Brigadier Mobile (Brimob) had terrorized against the Papua Farmer at the Mountain around Abepura, West Papua. The local newspaper belonging to Indonesia in Jayapura reported that Brimob and TPN/OPM shot each other after TPN/OPM took the hostage non West Papua people who were at around Abe Gunung (Abe Mountain), central of the Jayapura city.

According to West Papua Indigenous farmers (owner of the garden) reported this incident to the secretariat of KNPB that the newcomer, especially from Buton Indonesia controlled their land because of that they expelled, but they came together Brimob and carried out the shooting against them.

"Me with the family had the work in the garden, suddenly Brimob shot to the side of us and we ran frightened", he said to the Secretariat KNPB.

KNPB suspected that this is the old method that always do by the Indonesian Military. The Indonesian military always stigma the separatist to indigenous people's of West Papua who made the garden and sought a living, after that they shot.

KNPB said that TPN/OPM is fighting for their self-determination, but they had not disturbed the civilian of non West Papua people, although they came and occupy their land.