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In this update we bring you news of a shocking new undercover documentary on the situation in West Papua, as well as latest developments from West Papua including Indonesia's refusal to allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to return, and news on the deteriorating condition of high profile political prisoner Filep Karma.


The trial of Sebby Sambom has descended into farce, with the public prosecutor now stating that they lack any documentary evidence, and now wish to use evidence from the testimony of fellow prisoner Buchtar Tabuni against Sebby Sambom.

Sebby has now been held for over 9 months. He has only seen his newborn son once in that time. His crime was to take part in a peaceful demonstration supporting the launch in the UK Parliament for IPWP.


We are deeply concerned by reports we have received relating to the deteriorating health of Filep Karma. He is currently serving a 15 year jail sentence for raising the West Papua flag in 2004 and is recognised as a 'Prisoner of Conscience' by Amnesty International. Filep has suffered breathing difficulties and a urinary infection, and has been denied proper medical access by the prison authorities. He has also suffered torture at the hands of guards at the notoriously brutal Abepura Prison.


We urge the international community to continue to pressure Indonesia to respect international law relating to prisoner treatment. We also once again call for them to allow independent observers into West Papua, including the International Committee of the Red Cross. If Indonesia has nothing to hide, then they should be happy to allow observers in. By refusing access to them and expelling the Red Cross, they have sent a clear message to the outside world that they seek to hide from view the atrocities they are committing there.



We send our condolences to the family of US democrat senator Ted Kennedy. He was one of the most high profile politicans to have signed up to the International Parliamentarians for West Papua declaration giving his support for West Papua self-determination, and his spirit will live on in the campaign until West Papua is free.

We are delighted to announce there will be a European Parliament launch for the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, to be held this autumn. A date is currently being confirmed and more information will be given soon including details of attendees.

Please continue to lobby your local parliamentarians, informing them of the situation in West Papua and asking them to sign-up to the declaration at




A new hard hitting documentary on West Papua has premiered at the UK's prestigious Green Man Festival. 'Forgotten Bird of Paradise' was filmed undercover in West Papua without the knowledge or authority of the Indonesian authorites. It includes footage of OPM resistance fighters, moving interviews with human rights victims, and exclusive footage from the International Parliamentarians for West Papua.

More information on the documentary can be found at




The Free West Papua Campaign is an entirely volunteer led organisation.

To continue our work at this important time we would like to ask any of you who can to support us financially. All money donated to the FWPC is used directly for campaigning – office and travel costs, printing and organising demonstrations - or is sent to West Papua as aid during times of crisis.


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One behalf of the people of West Papua, thank you for your continued support for our struggle.


West Papua. One People. One Soul


Benny Wneda

Free West Papua Campaign