West Papua Photo News Shocking images Indonesian military burnt down Papuan Village in Bogolame. PDF Afdrukken

Intervew by WPNews
WPNews Good morning Mr. Yugum could you tell us about situation in Bogolame?

Yugum Tabuni : thank you very much situation in Bogolame today my peoples are all hiding in the juggles mostly Children, woman, elderly and man all hiding in the juggles because military burnt down our village.

WPNews Can you tell us how many houses burnt down by Indonesia Military?

Yugum: I need to tell you today that 25 houses burn down and 5 pig kill by indoensia Military.

WPNes : How important your house and pig

Yugum : as you know we all Papuan house and Pig is part of the our live. Because Pig is very important value in West Papuan Economic and House is were we live time to time year to year we don’t have any thing else here in the village but the house is most important then any other.

WPNews: can you tell us how many peoples been kill by Indonesia military?

Yugum : until today peoples still hiding in the juggles so very difficult to tell you military still patrol the area. but we found lot of bullet from Indonesia Military when they shooting to the peoples.
I will tell you how many peoples are been kill because all the road blocked by military very difficult we are dangerous.

WPNews : How the peoples in the juggles could survive especially children, woman and elderly peoples.

Yugum: we need help because there is no food, no medicine, and our garden already been destroy by military. we can not go back to our house or garden peoples are hiding.

WPNews: what you expecting peoples outside world specially international community.

Yugum: only one We want Independence from Indonesia. If we still with indoenesia they destroyed our rice from this planet so before to late peoples help us. Tell peoples in Europe, United Kingdom , America, Australia and Pacifica we need support put pressure to Indonesia to stop operation in Bogolame and Tinginambut.

This is my message to you to tell them we need help.

WPNes Thank you very much for your time speaking to us Mr. Yugum.