Images of Murder of a West Papuan By Indonesian Police PDF Afdrukken

Shocking photos of the brutal murder of a West Papuan by Indonesian police on 3 August 2009

Secretariat, West Papua National Authority:

Photo-report on the assassination of YAWAN WAYENI on Monday 3 August 2009

BAGUS EKUDANTO, Commander of Police in Papua Province ordered AKBP IMAN SETYAWAN (S.Ik) Head of Police of Yapen Regency to ‘clean’ the West Papuan political movement in Yapen, including the old village of Mantembu in the valley of Mt Wayoi. On Sunday 2 August the police kidnapped seven people from Mantembu and took them to Jayapura where they were incarcerated without charge. On Monday 3 August at 6am, Police 1 SSK (a company of indeterminate number but up to 150 personnel) entered Mr Wayeni’s house and raped his wife in front of their second child who was sick. Mr Wayeni tried to intervene and was shot with three rounds of ammunition from a SS1 automatic gun and then bayoneted. He ran out of the house and died in the garden. The police threw his body in their car, like a dead animal, and took him to the hospital to sew up his stomach. Yawan Wayeni was forty years old. He was a political prisoner in Yapen for nine years during the Suharto administration. He leaves a wife and three children.

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