UN Film Fest to Show West Papua Documentary PDF Afdrukken

Undercover West Papua documentary 'Forgotten Bird of Paradise' has been confirmed to show at the United Nations 'We The Peoples Film Festival', being held in London later this month.

The festival, which is now in its fourth year, strives to raise the profile of the United Nations by promoting its aims and work in development, security and human rights to new and existing audiences by inspiring and educating them through film. At the heart of this year’s festival will be the Three Pillars of Freedom - freedom from want, freedom from fear and the freedom to live in dignity, and the Environment.

The festival also endeavours to raise awareness and support in the United Kingdom and the global film industry for the development work of the UN, its agencies and NGOs.

As well as showing high quality films, the festival provides a forum for discussion about the issues portrayed, with experts from across the field.

'Forgotten Bird of Paradise' will be shown at the Roxy Cinema at London Bridge on Saturday 28th November at 430pm. The film includes interviews with human rights victims of the Indonesian regime, a secret interview with Amnesty International 'prisoner of conscience' Yusak Pakage, as well as startling footage of OPM rebel fighters.

More information on the festival can be found at http://www.wethepeoples.org.uk