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23-year-old Papuan arrested after being in hiding for 6 months

After being in hiding for more than five months, Victor F.Yeimo (23 years old) has been arrested by the police in West Papua. He was arrested in a hotel in Sentani on 21 October, along with a woman identified only as MM. He was arrested by the police who were conducting sweepings to find people involved in gambling, narcotics and other criminal activities. Yeimo was on the 'wanted' list.

He is alleged to have been involved in a number of incidents. He had thrown his identity card away in the toilet, but he was recognised by one of the policemen who entered his hotel room. Jayapura police chief Mathius Fakhari said that Yeimo had been on the wanted list for many months. 'We believe that he was involved in a number of rebellious (makar) and terror incidents since before and after the elections held earlier this year.'

Public relations police officer, Drs Agus Rianto said that Yeimo had been actively involved in the launching of International Parliamentarians for West Papua in October 2008 as well as an attack on the Abepura police command post in April 2009. 'We consider that he has been involved in a number of makar (treason) cases.'

He said that Yeimo had made no attempt to resist arrest so everything went smoothly. His involvement in the case in October 2009 was together with Buchtar Tabuni and Sebby Sambom who are both now serving sentences of three years in Abepura prison, he said. He also mentioned other cases in March and April 2009 in which he was involved.

The police were also able to confiscate items of evidence such as a hand-phone, a disc-case, several photos and a noken (string bag), all connected to his cases.

He is expected to face charges under Article 106 of the Criminal Code on makar and Article 160 on incitement, the earlier one of which faces a penalty of life or twenty years.

The police said that he was now undergoing intensive interrogation at the police command post.