Papuans Demand Restoration of Violated Rights PDF Afdrukken

Hundreds of people in Papua joined a rally on Thursday (10/12) to mark the Human Rights Day in different locations in the seat of the capital, Jayapura. Participants denounced human rights violations by the government and multinational companies operating in the province including goldminer Freeport McMoran.

The rallies started at about 9 am local time in Abepura district, followed by a rally outside the provincial regional House of Represenatatives in Jayapura were residents handover 11 demand to provincial lawmakers.

Some of the demands are urging the government to halt all investments in the province that reduce or completely robbed the rights of indigenous tribe. A second demand was pressing the provincial authorities to conduct complete assessment on security policy and the size of military force in the island. The next one was pushing the introduction of regional regulation for the legalbasis to restore the rights of victims of human rights violation.

Police deployed around 200 personnel to maintain security during the protest which ended after protesters met with regional lawmakers