Kelly Kwalik`s body handed over to family PDF Afdrukken

The body of Kelly Kwalik, the Papua separatist leader who died after being shot in a security operation recently , was handed over to his family here on Saturday.

His conffin was first taken to the office of the Mimika regional legislative assembly from Mitra Masyarakat Hospital where it was kept the night before.

Upon arrival at the gate of the legislative building, Senior Commissioner Petrus Waine, representing the police, handed over the coffin to the acting chairman of the legsilative assembly, Trifena Tinal, who later passed it on to Kwalik`s family who immediately took it into the building where it was kept in state for a while.

The coffin was draped in a separatist "Morning Star" flag and guarded by four security men from the Papua Task Force.

Villagers` spokeperson Hans Megal appealed to Kelly Kwalik`s supporters to accept the body of their leader in an orderly manner.

Shouting supporters welcomed the body of Kelly Kwalik with a traditional dance.
The situation in the area was quite conducive and people waited for the arrival of the Presidium of Papua Traditional Council to discuss Kwalik`s burial.

According to plans, Kwalik would be buried in a place near the Mozes Kilangin airstrip in Timika in line with the agreement made by representatives of the Papuan community in Timika and the police and the Mimika regional legislative assembly on Friday.

"Based on the agreement with the Papuan community and the regional legislative assembly he will be buried in the area of the Mozes Kilanging airstrip in Timika," Hans Magal said