First aid and disaster training in Papua PDF Afdrukken

JAYAPURA - On November 1, 2009, a project to expand training in first aid and disaster relief began in the city of Jayapura. Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia, is regularly shaken by earthquakes. The regions around the cities of Jayapura, Biak, Manokwari and Nabire are the worst affected.

The provision of medical care in Papua is difficult. Immediately following a disaster, the population often has to rely on itself, as medical assistance can't always quickly push through to all parts of the region. Large distances separate the villages, which aren't necessarily connected by roads. Generally, lay people are the first to reach the site of a disaster. The better the local population is trained to deal with such situations, the better people can be protected from the negative effects of a natural disaster.

In cooperation with the NGO Pusat Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Wanita (P3W), the Johanniter are training people who will eventually work as trainers themselves, passing on what they've learned. P3W is an organization of young women dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in remote areas. In particular, they focus on promoting healthcare, empowering women, and measures to increase income.

The project aims to have trained some 4,800 people in 12 months. Especially sought after are women, students, teachers and clerics who, as a result of their social and professional standing, are well positioned to pass on their knowledge to family members, friends, students and congregations. Upon completing the course, participants receive a first aid kit, as well as a brochure summing up the course content for easy reference.

Additionally, relevant gathering points are being equipped with early warning devices such as flags, masts and loudspeakers. The project costs a total of 188,877 euros, and is being co-financed with 168,189 euros from Germany's Federal Foreign Office.