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1   Link   Wereld word wakker !
Website van Henk Bartels die productief is in publicaties over West-Papua
2   Link   Blog van Herman Wainggai
In 2005 Herman organized the escape of forty-three West Papuans in a traditional double-outrigger canoe, circumnavigating West Papua then crossing the Arafura Sea to Australia.
3   Link   Tapol - promoting human rights, peace and democracy in Papua
We are a small UK-based NGO, with three members of permanent staff. We were founded in 1973 by our current senior campaigner, Carmel Budiardjo, a former political prisoner in Indonesia and Amnesty International prisoner of conscience.
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5   Link   Raise the Flag and Cry Merdeka - australische website
On this page, the background to the West Papuan circumstances, followed by what became the main photographs of the arrival of the West Papuans on 17 January 2006 from The Torres News.
6   Link   The Free West Papua Movement. OPM New Zealand
1 pagina website over OPM inclusief interview
7   Link   Website van Papua-onafhankelijkheidsstrijder Benny Wenda

West Papuan independence leader, Chairman of the Koteka Tribal Assembly, Demmak, and Founder of the Free West Papua Campaign??"While my people continue to suffer and continue to die,?nothing will stop my campaign"
8   Link   West Papua Media Alerts
Actuele zaken betreffende West Papua
9   Link   West Papuan Genocide
Een overzicht van de genocide door Indonesië in West Papua. Een overzicht van acties in de periode 1962 tot 2003
10   Link   ETAN
East Timor and Indonesian Action Network
11   Link   West Papua Nieuws
Actuele commentaren uit West papua
12   Link   Free West Papua Campaign (NL)
Free West Papua Campaign (NL),is de nederlandse sectie van, de in Oxford/Engeland gevestigde, Free West Papua Campaign (UK) onderleiding van Benny Wenda. Free West Papua Campaign (NL) bestaat uit voornamelijk Papua-jongeren en vrienden
13   Link   Nationaal Papoea Vereniging \'95 West Nieuw Guinea
cultural association for promotion, care and development of Papua culture
14   Link   Diary of Papua
Papua is a place where symbolic and structural violence remains cyclical. Expropriation of indigenous land, bulk of migrants, displacement, rights violation, and corruption of bureacrats are daily sad stories from the land. The people live in a growi
15   Link   AWPAWA -website
Een niet zo goed onderhouden website van de Australia West Papua Association WA
16   Link   West Papua Review
medium voor het promoten van de strijd voor de vrijheid van alle Papua's. The sole purpose of this website is to provide information about West Papua to the reader.
17   Link   International Parliamentarians for West Papua [IPWP]
website van de in 2008 opgerichte actiegroep International Parliamentarians for West Papua. Oproep van parlementariers aan hun regering om binnen de Verenigde Naties druk uit te oefenen om West Papua het recht te laten uitoefenen op zelfbeschikking.
18   Link   Uitstekend geinformeerde activisten site van de Australier Nick Chesterfield
My name is Nick Chesterfield. I am a grassroots security analyst and activist who stands up for the rights of Indigenous Peoples across the Asia-Pacific Region, specifically focusing on Melanesian issues.
19   Link   PM Revolutionary Committee Nieuw-Zeeland
Nieuw Zeelandse website: Welcome friends to the West Papua Niugini/Irian Jaya Homepage 'One People- One Soul'
"Kasihi tjinta dari Sobat Papua Barat- Satu bangsa satu djiwa."
This page exists as a forum to promote the fight for self determination an
20   Link   Free West Papua - West Papua needs you!
website van de in Engeland woonachtige Papua-activist Benny Wenda
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