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woensdag 24 mei 2017 14:41

Published by the International Coalition for Papua (ICP) |
Human Rights Update West Papua – May 2017
covering January - March 2017


De laatste rapportage van de International Coalition for Papua, dat vandaag is gepubliceerd.

Het rapport bevat de volgende onderwerpen:

1. Summary
2. Otis Pekei and Melkias Dogomo die after allegedly being tortured during Police Detention in Dogiyai Regency, Papua.
3. Police Officers shoot David Tarkuo in Berap Village.
4. Police officers torture Mr. Edison Hesegem to death in Jayawijaya General Hospital.
5. Police torture Deserius Goo, Ferdinand Tebai and Aleks Pigai.
6. Human Rights Lawyers concerned about detention conditions of three Papuan defendants.
7. Indigenous community in Nifasi Village face heavy military presence due to conflict between mining companies.
8. Indonesia deports two French Journalists from West Papua.
9. Yapen District Police officers allegedly execute Maikel Marani.


In the first quarter of 2017, security forces killed four indigenous Papuans while the perpetrators remain untouched by law. The killings occurred in the regencies Kepulauan Yapen, Jayawijaya and Dogiyai. These Papuan regencies continue to be classified as 'red zones', where security force members tend to label indigenous Papuans as supporters of separatist
movements. Hence, security force operations are conducted with a high level of violence. The majority of violations were committed by police officers during arrest or detention, where victims are vulnerable to acts of torture. The period between January and March 2017 revealed a case pattern, comprising violations such as extra-judicial killings, torture, violations of indigenous peoples rights, limitations regarding media freedom and violations of the right to fair trial.
The majority of reported violations occurred in January 2017. A large scale police operation in Dogiyai caused the death of two Papuan men, while dozens of victims were allegedly tortured and ill-treated during the sweepings.

In Berap village of Jayapura regency, members of local police heavily tortured David Tarkuo during the arrest and detention.

Police officers tortured 21-year-old Edison Hesegem to death during detention at a police post and the Jayawijaya General Hospital.

In Dogiyai regency, at least three men were tortured by members of Moanemani sub-district police as a group of villagers demanded the release of Ferdinand Tebai, who had previously been arrested while trying to file a complaint against a traffic offender.

In February, a team of human rights lawyers expressed their concern over three defendants who were undergoing trial at the Nabire District Court of Papua Province. The men did not receive sufficient medical treatment during detention.
In the same month, the customary council in Paniai regency reported growing tensions in Nifasi village caused by a long-lasting conflict over concessions between two competing mining companies. One mining company was backed up by members of the military, leading to heavy military presence in Nifasi.

In March, the Indonesian migration department deported two French journalists after filming media coverage in West Papua, similar to a case in 2014. On 27 March 2017, Yapen District Police allegedly executed the head of the local armed independence group Maikel Marani (28 years) in the early morning hours in Kontinuai Village, of Yapen Islands Regency.
Read what UN mechanisms observe and recommend regarding human rights in West Papua.

The information in this report is collected by local human rights defenders. As human rights defenders face hostile working conditions and legal aid services are lacking in remote areas, this compilation of cases cannot be regarded as complete.

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