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maandag 11 september 2017 15:55

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In this edition you will find:

  • GoI extends Freeport’s contract
  • Government negligence leads to health crisis in the regencies Deiyai and Dogiyai
  • Mobile brigade police officers open fire at villagers in Oneibo, Deiyai Regency
  • Local parliament asks Brimob and PT Dewa Krisna to leave Deiyai Regency
  • Amnesty International statement on 'Oneibo Shooting'
  • Military officer accuses human rights defender of seeking popularity
  • Military members torture Niko Hisage in Wamena
  • Military members arbitrarily arrest and torture Hendrik Bosayor

GoI extends Freeport’s contract

On 26 August 2017, the Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignazius Jonan, together with Indonesian Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, held a press conference in Jakarta in which they announced that the mineral exploitation licenses of PT. Freeport Indonesia will be extended until 2041. In return, majority American shareholder Freeport McMoRan agreed to give up 41.64% of its shares in its Indonesian subsidiary, PT Freeport Indonesia. According to the chairman of the parent company, Freeport McMoRan, Richard C. Adkerson, the shares are to be sold at a fair market value. The sale will enable the Indonesian government to purchase 51% of the PT Freeport Indonesia shares. Currently, the US mining giant holds 90.64%, while the Indonesian government owns 9.36% of PT Freeport Indonesia shares.
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Government negligence leads to health crisis in the regencies Deiyai and Dogiyai

Human rights defenders have reported a health crisis, which has affected seven villages in the Tigi District of Deiyai Regency as well as villages in the valleys Kamuu and Mapia of Dogiyai Regency. Multiple sicknesses had caused the deaths of at least 93 villagers – most of them children below the age of ten – in the seven villages Ayatei, Piyake Dimi, Yinidoba, Digikotu, Epanai, Wagomani and Demago in the district Tigi. Reports on the health situation in the affected area indicate that the local governments have failed to provide basic health services and carry out preventive health measures, such as vaccinations, sanitation and hygiene.
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Mobile brigade police officers open fire at villagers in Oneibo, Deiyai Regency

On 01 August 2017, Yulianus Pigai (27 years) was shot dead and ten other indigenous Papuans were seriously injured by bullets after members of a local mobile police brigade unit had opened fire at a crowd of villagers in Oneibo, a small village located in the Tigi District of Deiyai Regency.  Five of the injured victims were minors. 51-year-old Martinus Pekey died in his house due to shock as he witnessed the shooting in his house. Human rights defenders reported that the police officers allegedly released indiscriminate shots at a group of Oneibo villagers using live ammunition in an attempt to forcefully disperse the crowd. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)  has launched a urgent action on the case.
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Local parliament asks Brimob and PT Dewa Krisna to leave Deiyai Regency

The local parliament and the regent of Deiyai Regency have held a plenary session on 23 August 2017 in relation to the recent police shooting in Oneibo Village, Tigi District on 01 August 2017, which resulted in the death of Yulianus Pigai and serious bullet injuries among at least 10 villagers. As a result of the session the house of representatives together with the regent issued a statement in which they asked Indonesian company PT Dewa Krisna to stop all activities in the regencies. Furthermore, the statement requested the Chief of Papuan regional Police to withdraw all mobile police brigade forces from the regency.
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Amnesty International statement on 'Oneibo Shooting'

Amnesty International has published a statement regarding the recent shooting in Oneibo Village, Deiyai Regency, on 1 August 2017. The shooting resulted in the killing of one indigenous Papuan, while ten other villagers were seriously injured by bullets, among them five minors. In its public statement, Amnesty International demands an efficient investigation into the allegations of arbitrary or abusive use of force by the police forces through independent and impartial mechanisms. Furthermore, Amnesty International expressed its concern that the perpetrators may not be held accountable due to lack of independent, effective, and impartial mechanisms in Indonesia to investigate human rights violations committed by the security forces.
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Military officer accuses human rights defender of seeking popularity

Papuan human rights defender and director of the 'Pauan Central Highlands Network for the Enforcement of Law and Human Rights' (JAPH-HAM), Mr. Theo Hesegem, has been accused of using human rights advocacy to gain popularity.  The chief of staff of the 1702 Jayawijaya military command in Wamena called Theo Hesegem on 8 July 2017 by phone after Mr. Hesegem had given a press conference and informed Indonesian Military Commander, Army General Gatot Nurmantyo by sms about the case, in order to advocate justice and seek remedies for Niko Hisage. Mr Hisage had been tortured by three military officers on 22 June 2017, due to a dispute over the sale of a cow to one of the military members.
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Military members torture Niko Hisage in Wamena

On the 22 June 2017, three members of the Wamena military command (Koramil) allegedly tortured 34-year-old Niko Hisage for seven hours at the military headquarters in the highland city of Wamena. The incident resulted from a disagreement between Niko Hisage and sergeant major Lukas Mulai over three of Niko Hisage's cows which were allegedly sold for a 'Lebaran' celebration. As the military sergeant requested to settle the issue at the Jayawijaya District Police Station, Niko Hisage and his wife together with the military officer went to Wamena city. However, when they reached the city, Lukas Mulai spontaneously insisted to shift location to the local military base in Wamena, where Lukas Mulai and two other military members began to question Niko Hisage around 09.30 am while his wife was waiting outside of the building.
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Military members arbitrarily arrest and torture Hendrik Bosayor

The local human rights organisation LP3BH (Manokwari Institute for Research Study and Development of Legal Aid) has reported the alleged arbitrary arrest and torture of Hendrik Bosayor (30 years) on 4 August 2017. According to the victim's family, a group of military members had arbitrarily arrested  Hendrik Bosayor in Sowi I, Manokwari Regency, near the former office of PT. Coklat Ransiki company. Subsequently the military members allegedly tortured Hendrik Bosayor and forced him to confess his involvement in the theft of a weapon, which had been stolen from a military special unit (KOPASSUS).  Hendrik Bosayor was unlawfully detained for eight days and released on 11 August 2017.
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