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Hello fellas,
We are back and on time.
Here are some updates from Papua and Papua Barat Province. By coincidence, I'm in Papua right now, witnessing the
gubernatorial election, and monitoring some incidents here, including an airstrike in Nduga. Just to make sure that You
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AIRSTRIKE IN NDUGA. Here's the story how the first time we heard about the airstrike. As we know that Papua was busy
with its gubernatorial election, it was messy and followed by incidents. One of them is in Nduga : Gunmen opened fire on
a plane transporting election officials and security forces as it landed at Kenyam Airport, in Nduga district, on Monday
killing three and injuring two others, including a small child .
On July 11, around 4 PM, we heard about four bombs dropped from two helicopters over Kenyam. At the same time, we
received so many pic and video that actually not related to the incident. We have no idea who spread the pic and the
Our Chief Editor, Arnold Belau, immediately called Nduga Regent Yairus Gwijangge. We were lucky to get his comment,
read our article here . Although we are not related to any pro-independence movement, but we recommend you to read
the english version of what happened in Nduga here .
After 24 hours, we realized that none publish on a story about this incident, except four online news, and all based in
Papua. As usual, Jakarta Media prefer to wait until the police or the military state something, and yup , they did it
again. Only quote from the apparatus. But shoutout to Tempo, they publish story from different version, both from
Nduga Regent and the police.
The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) and police (Polri) comments on the matter:
Head of Information of the Military Regional Command (Kapendam) Cenderawasih Colonel Muhammad Aidi has denied
that TNI has deployed group of soldiers or using any Instrumental weapons systems (Alutsista) in Nduga, Papua to hunt
down the armed group assailants. "There is no movement from TNI troops to hunt the group (Papua National Liberation
Army/OPM) neither from land or by air," said Aidi to CNN Indonesia.
He asserted that TNI'S helicopters and aircraft were only used to help local government to send logistics . "Only for
logistical support including supporting the local government and helping people overcome the difficulties, especially in
terms of transport facilities," he explained .
Meanwhile, Papua Police Chief Insp. General Boy Rafli Amar denied the news that there was no coordination between
TNI-Polri and the Government of Nduga District, Papua, in carrying out an attack on the village of Angguru. The village is
believed to have been occupied by armed groups. Boy said Police is hunting down the armed groups now in Nduga.
So Boy is trying to say that it was the police who's conducting the airstrike not the TNI? But where the bomb came from?
Boy continues, "Should we wait for more victims? Please do not be affected by the group's propaganda," he said .
To confirm the story, I talked to another regent who's office is located in the highland, near Nduga. I asked him whether
this is hoax or not and why regent has different comment with the police. He said, "There was an air attack in Nduga (he
showed me some pictures that he got from his colleague in Nduga)."
But why police said there's no such incident? "Regent is serving the people, police is serving Jakarta . If he doesn't serve
the people, he is not going to be re-elected in the next term ." It suddenly blew my mind. This is why LUKMEN wins over
JOSHUA, read how my editor in Vice explained about this phenomenon.
But Nduga people has a very long history with military operation . They are still traumatic of course. Back then 1996,
there was a hostage situation in Nduga, where everyone in Jakarta believed that it was a heroic moment for General
Prabowo Subianto to save the group of foreign researcher, but Papuan Indigenous People believed the opposite . Those
resercher was actually doing a mapping on OPM, but they covered it with such a research for Lorenzt National Park. Of
course this is debatable. Still, the people is still traumatized until today.


LUKMEN WON. I was in the middle of chaos, when I arrived in Yahukimo, end of June. A clash broke out between two
tribes that left the district on high-alert and under heavy security. In Dekai, the district capital, one can see a heavy
security presence throughout the city, with armed soldiers and police officers stationed in the city's market, along the
main street, and outside government buildings. Oke here's my full report from the highland of Yahukimo.
And after two weeks, finally KPU Papua announced the result . The elections commission declared the winner in the
Papua gubernatorial race Monday night, with incumbent LukasEnembe riding 67.54 percent of the vote into another
term in office. Lukasand his deputy Klemen Tinal ran on a joint ticket known as LUKMEN in Papua. Read the full report


FREEPORT SAGA. Indonesia Moves Closer to Taking Controlling Stake in Freeport Copper
Mine. Government would pay a total of $3.85 billion for majority ownership of massive mine run by Freeport.
The best report so far from WSJ team. It moves closer, not yet final. Compare to Indonesian media who
use word like : Jokowi : Alhamdulilah ... Inalum now controls 51 percents of Freeport share.
And suddenly, Jokowi's buzzer in social media congrats the president, saying that this is a huge progress. In the
end, it's only used as a gimmick for the next upcoming election. Amungme and Kamoro tribes who own the land,
always being forgotten, as always.
RAJAAMPAT. Indigenous communities from 19 villages at the Dampier Strait Marine Protection Area (MPA) in
Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, declared on Tuesday the customary fishing area in the regency, asserting their
commitment to conserve marine ecosystems and utilize resources sustainably. The declaration will lead people
of eight villages living on Batanta Island as well as 11 others on Salawati Island to agree to protect the 211,000
hectares of marine area, securing sustainably the livelihoods of 2,000 households on both islands.

Human rights and freedom of expression

THE RAID. Police in Indonesia says they raided a student dormitory in the EastJava capital of Surabaya on Saturday
because Papuan students were allegedly planning to screen the film Bloody Biak. The Surabaya Legal Aid Institute, or LBH
Surabaya, has called on the EastJava Police to investigate violence exercised by its officers who dispersed a meeting
hosted by the Papuan Students Alliance . LBH Surabaya also called on the EastJava Police to act firmly against one of
the officers who reportedly harassed a female participant of the discussion. Anindya, who attended the meeting, said she
was molested while trying to establish a peaceful dialogue with the police .
THE UNLAWFULKILLING . Indonesia's police and military are responsible for at least 95 unlawful killings in the
easternmost Papua region since 2010, including targeted slayings of activists, Amnesty International said, condemning a
near-total absence of justice for the mainly indigenous victims. In a report based on two years of research, Amnesty said
that more than half the victims were either political activists or people taking part in peaceful protests often unrelated to
the Papuan independence movement. Security forces often explain their use of deadly force in Papua as a justified
response to violent separatists . It said none of the killings was the subject of independent criminal investigation . In about
a third of the cases, there was not even an internal investigation . When police or military claimed to have investigated
internally, they did not make the findings public. Eight deaths were compensated with money or pigs. The killings nearly
one a month for the past eight years - are a "serious blot" on Indonesia's human rights record, said Usman
Hamid, executive director of Amnesty International Indonesia . Here's the full report in english . Amnesty also launched a
series video interview with the victim's family in Paniai. Watch full video here. And if you care with the case, you can join
the petition called "sa pu mimpi" or "I have a dream".
Responding to the report, Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko stated that President Joko Widodo has taken seriously the
human rights case during his administration . " .... that the President gives a very clear signal, giving abolition to political
prisoners, some issued, which shows the government's seriousness in handling human rights issues," Moeldoko said to
CNN Indonesia.
Meanwhile, Head of Information of the Military Regional Command (Kapendam) Cenderawasih Colonel
Muhammad Aidi called Amnesty International report as a false accusation . "If you say the TNI is firing on innocent people
in Papua without cause and legal process, that is slander, everything that happens is because that is separatist against the
state's credence , that is the main cause," he said to Media Indonesia. Oke sir, but I will put my investigation last year on
Paniai shooting here . Hope you will like it.
At the same time, Papua New Guinea's prime minister has reportedly encouraged regional countries to take the issue of
West Papua to the United Nations decolonization committee.


FILM FESTIVAL. Don't forget that Jayapura, the capital city of Papua, is set to host the second Papuan
documentary film festival aimed at portraying stories about how Papuan indigenous people face modernization.
Good news, that it will be screened in Jakarta, I will keep you update!

That's all for this month. We'll be back in August. We would like to ask you to spread the newsletter and ask your
colleagues, family members, friends to subscribe to our newsletter here.
Thank you.
Love and Hugs,
Friends and Editors, Suara Papua
(Arnold Belau &Febriana Firdaus contributed to this report)
Voice of Papua by voiceofpapua
Jayapura Jayapura, Indonesia
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