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23 victims of extra-judicial killings in West Papua throughout 2018
The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) has documented the extra-judicial killings of 23 indigenous Papuans throughout the year 2018. The fact that all victims of extra-judicial killings were ethnic Papuans is emblematic of the continuing pattern of state violence, violations of the right to life and the persistent racial discrimination which indigenous Papuans face in Indonesia. We demand Indonesian authorities to immediately conduct independent, impartial and effective investigations into these cases. All perpetrators should be brought to justice at civilian courts through fair and transparent trials, as stipulated in international human rights treaties. In memory of the killed indigenous Papuans and in solidarity with their families, who continue to seek justice for their relatives, we would like to share and respect the following list of 23 victims:
1. Mr. Anekanus Komarigi (20 years), was killed on 1 January 2018 by a group of special force members inside the Maleo military post in the Kenyam District of Nduga Regency, after a minor dispute escalated into a brawl.

2. Mrs. Imakulata Emakeparo (55 years), was shot dead on 3 February 2018 by police officers as she and her husband were crossing the river in a small canoe near the Amamare cargo dock in Timika of Mimika Regency.

3. Mr. Yulianus Yeimo (19 years), passed away on 1 April 2018 in Ipakiye Village of Paniai Regency due to multiple health problems which he sustained after being tortured by members of the military in December 2014.

4. Mr. Yohanis Bisai (42 years), died on 21 May 2018 as a result of deadly injuries, after a member of the Kodim 1709 Yapen Waropen military unit attacked him with a knife in Anotaurei Village, in the regency of Kepulauan Yapen.

5. Mr. Gerry Goo (18 years), passed away on 9 May 2018 in Goodide Village as a result of multiple bullet injuries sustained during a crowd control operation in Mauwa Village of Dogiyai Regency on 6 April 2018.

6. Mr. Timotius Omabak was killed by soldiers on 4 April 2018 during a military operation in Opitawak Village of Mimika Regency as members of the Indonesian army allegedly opened fire at group of villagers.

7. Mr. Pinggiget Murib died on 6 June 2018 near Welesi Village in the Jayawijaya regency as a result of bullet injuries allegedly sustained during a crowd control operation by the local police.

8. Mr. Yudas Gebze died on 14 September 2018 in the Merauke General Hospital, due to severe injuries allegedly sustained as three joint security force members arrested him inside his house in Wogikel Village, Merauke Regency.

9. & 10. The dead bodies of Ms. Wepi Wonda and Mr. Kopingga Tabuni were found on 6 October 2018 in the Tingginambut District of Puncak Jaya Regency. Both victims sustained lethal bullet injuries during an exchange of fire between members of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) and Indonesian military members on 1 and 2 October 2018.
11. Mr. Daud Ayomi (27 years) was reportedly shot dead by members of the military on 22 October 2018 in Waroki Village of Nabire Regency as he was driving his motor cycle to a store to buy water.
An armed attack by the TPN-PB on 2 December 2018 in the regency of Nduga caused the death of 19 construction workers. In response to the killings, Indonesian security forces launched armed attacks in multiple districts of the Nduga regency, which resulted in twelve civilian fatalities between 4 and 20 December 2018:  
12. Indonesian military members shot dead Ms. Kwemisik Gwi (40 years) in the District of Yal.

13. TNI members shot dead Mr. Kerry Gwijangge (30 years) in the District of Nirkuri.

14. & 15. A TNI air raid in the district of Mbuwa resulted in the deaths of Mr. Mianus Lokbere (18 years) and Mr. Nison Umangge (18 years).
16. Members of military special forces shot dead Mr. Rabu Kogoya (50 years) in the district of Nirkuri. Relatives who found the body reported that the heart, liver and brain had deliberately been removed.

17. Mr. Arlius Kogoya (39 years) died inside his house as TNI members burnt several traditional houses in the Yigi District to the ground.

18. Mr. Mentus Nimiangge (21 years) sustained a bullet injury in the neck as military members attacked his village in the district of Mbulmuyalma. He passed away ten days later because he was unable to access medical treatment.

19. TNI members shot dead Mr. Pirando Gwijangge (18 years) in the district of Mapnduma.

20. Military members killed Mr. Bonias Kogoya (23 years) in the District of Mapnduma as he was standing on the airstrip and tried to escape approaching TNI forces.

21. Witness testimonies indicate that military members shot dead Rev. Geyimin Nirigi (83 years) in the Mapnduma District and subsequently burnt his body behind his house.

22. Mr. Rocky Lani sustained a lethal head shot during the military operation in the district of Mapnduma.

23. Mrs Salina Gwijangge died due to severe burnings after coming into contact with smoke from grenades, which military members dropped from helicopters during an air raid in the district of Nirkuri.

More deaths resulting from the operation of security forces in the regency of Nduga were reported for 2019.
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About the ICP: The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) of faith-based and civil society organisations works to address the serious human rights situation in West Papua and supports a peaceful solution to the conflict there. The Coalition together with its partners supports advocacy work and networking at the international level for Papua as a land of peace and documents human rights violations in the region in cooperation with local sources. The ICP recognises all human rights and their fulfilment through active participation of civil society. Therefore, the Coalition sees the need to support partners striving for the recognition of basic human rights and seeking peaceful solutions to the implementation of the right to self-determination. The Coalition supports all human rights including the freedom to express political opinions peacefully, the right to self-determination and the critical role of human rights defenders in a peaceful transformation of the ongoing conflict.
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