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zaterdag 05 oktober 2019 06:45

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An investigation by Facebook has revealed that the Indonesian Government spent over $300,000 on propaganda accounts, spreading misinformation across Facebook and Instagram about the ongoing genocide in West Papua. As a result of the investigation, 69 Facebook accounts, 42 Pages and 34 Instagram pages have been removed.

Although those behind the activity attempted to conceal their identities, the Facebook investigation found links to an Indonesia media firm called InsightID, based in the capital Jakarta. There can be little doubt that the source of the money to fund this propaganda network came from the Indonesian Government.

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As well as Facebook, there has been a surge of Indonesian propaganda accounts on Twitter too. These formed the basis of an investigation by BBC investigator Benjamin Strick, and we now look forward to Twitter taking action against those responsible.

The Indonesian Government's fraudulent activity will only serve to increase the international media attention on what they are desperately trying to conceal in West Papua, where over 500,000 innocent people have lost their lives at the hands of the Indonesian military.

The voices of the West Papuan people will never be silenced. We have a right to self-determination under international law and are united in our struggle to be free from this illegal colonial rule.

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If you're not already doing so, please be sure to follow daily updates from the campaign over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can get more involved in campaigning by visiting our website, where you will find a number of actions listed - from joining a protest, to writing to your MP or just telling your friends about the struggle for freedom.

The cries for freedom in West Papua have never been louder. Thank you as always for your support and helping to amplify our voices to the international community. We will be free.

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