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dinsdag 19 januari 2021 08:23

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Hi ,Benny Wenda and the West Papuan Liberation Movement regularly rock Indonesia's political class to the core. They've done it again. On December 1, they announced the formation of theProvisional Government of West Papua, a huge step towards building an independent state. From Canberra to London to New York, the international media is finally paying attention.The head of the Indonesian military, deputy police chief and security minister responded with public threats against Interim President Wenda and the Liberation Movement. So severe are the threats that the movement's lawyers have submitted a complaint to the UN.West Papuans are up against the government of the fourth-most populous country in the world; relying only on the financial generosity of supporters like yourself, they march relentlessly closer to freedom. To succeed, they need to increase their diplomatic activity across the globe. They can only do this with your support.

I'll donate to the Provisional Government
The people of West Papua are mobilising behind the Provisional Government, and over half a million have signed a people's petition denouncing Indonesia's attempted renewal of the fake 'Special Autonomy' provisions.The international diplomatic war mirrors the mass struggle on the ground – but Indonesia is arresting and harassing those who support the Provisional Government. As we commemorate three children who were shot dead in cold blood by an Indonesian death squad in November, another milestone in the struggle for freedom from such horrors has been reached.
Donate and help reach our £5,000 target!
The Liberation Movement needs financial support to help shine a light on the plight of occupied Papua and move their people ever closer to justice. Your support will help make it happen.
With warmth and solidarity,
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