Rapporten over West-Papua

In dit onderdeel worden rapporten geplaatst op diverse gebied uit alle mogelijke bronnen, die gepubliceerd zijn over West-Papua

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21 Big prison, little prison
22 HIV/AIDS is posing an ever greater threat to the health and welfare of people in the highlands of Papua
23 verslag papuareis 2013 manusia papua
24 Indonesia: Hope and Hard Reality in Papua
25 Land of ghosts
26 Het "succesverhaal" van UNSF over de overdracht van Nieuw-Guinea aan Indonesië
27 The West New Guinea settlement in 1962
28 Inside Indonesia - The middle of nowhere
29 Inside Indonesia - Living without a state
30 UN gave Recommendation for West Papua
31 West Papua 2012-Human Rights report
32 Extreem hoge kindersterfte in West Papoea gevolg van discriminatie
33 They are just Papuans
34 Human Rights Violations in Papua Before and After Reformasi
35 A report about how international investors and REDD+ donors profit from deforestation in West Papua.
36 Amnesty report-Excessive Force: Impunity for police violence in Indonesia
37 AWPA's report on the HR situation in West Papua 2011
38 Human Rights Watch World Report 2012
39 The State of Human Rights in Indonesia in 2011
40 Human Rights in Papua 2010/2011
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