International Coalition for Papua e-newsletter May 2017
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woensdag 24 mei 2017 14:41

Published by the International Coalition for Papua (ICP) |
Human Rights Update West Papua – May 2017
covering January - March 2017


De laatste rapportage van de International Coalition for Papua, dat vandaag is gepubliceerd.

Het rapport bevat de volgende onderwerpen:

1. Summary
2. Otis Pekei and Melkias Dogomo die after allegedly being tortured during Police Detention in Dogiyai Regency, Papua.
3. Police Officers shoot David Tarkuo in Berap Village.
4. Police officers torture Mr. Edison Hesegem to death in Jayawijaya General Hospital.
5. Police torture Deserius Goo, Ferdinand Tebai and Aleks Pigai.
6. Human Rights Lawyers concerned about detention conditions of three Papuan defendants.
7. Indigenous community in Nifasi Village face heavy military presence due to conflict between mining companies.
8. Indonesia deports two French Journalists from West Papua.
9. Yapen District Police officers allegedly execute Maikel Marani.

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Reacties op Gesprek met Filep Karma in Utrecht
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maandag 08 mei 2017 21:50
Dear friends,
Omdat mijn Hollands is slecht, ik wou beter mijn komentaaar in Engels schrijven.
I am glad for the information on my email that Filep Karma would have a speech on his case and the problem of Papua as a whole in Holland. We from the Indonesian Council of Churches support his case, to seek justice and that his struggle for the Indepedent of West Papua is a genuine struggle. In 1998, an Ecumenical Visit to Biak, was organized by the World Council of Churches and the Indonesian Communuon of Churches. Rev. Dr Yudo Wibowo, represent the WCC and Dr Sularso Sopater, Dr Waspada from Bali and my self Phil Erari as Chair of the CCI visited Filep Karma and others who were arrested at the Regional Police Headquarters in Biak.
This visit was the trigger for the visit of Tim 100 who expressed the demand of Papua, to be indpendent, based on the systematic and wide spread of Human right abuses in Papua, since 1962 until 1998, Filep karma was the Icon of this struggle.
We hope that Filep Karma visit to Holland would open up the West Papua case to the World, so that Justice, Peace and Freedom shall be prevailed, recognized and implemented in Papua,
With Peace,
Rev.Karel Phil Erari
Dear Editor & Rev. Henk van der Steeg,
Greetings from the USA,
Thank you so much for giving Mr. Filep Karma the honor and an awesome
opportunity to speak on the Theme of Suffering and Hope in Papua (West Papua).
May God use Mr. Karma in sharing that important theme to the interested Dutch Audience. May He use it towards our ultimate goal of reaching Freedom and Independence for our land, West Papua and our people, the West Papuans.
Daniel C. Ajamiseba
Cell #: 1-504-352-5044
Video Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) on May 1st, 2017
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maandag 01 mei 2017 10:02

Video that I spoke in UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) on May 1st, 2017 in UN Headquarter New York.



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