Bananenrepubliek Indonesia: 70 Arrested During Rally in Restive West Papua
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donderdag 21 mei 2015 06:26

By Robert Isidorus on 04:59 pm May 20, 2015

Democratie????? Vrijheid van meningsuiting????? Kisten vol bananen :-)



An activist from the Papua Student Alliance attends a demonstration in Malang, East Java on Tuesday. (Antara Photo/Ari Bowo Sucipto)

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Bij presidentieel decreet is West Papua Melanesia vanaf morgen opengesteld voor alle media!
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zaterdag 09 mei 2015 13:43

Geachte heer Van der Klauw,

Hierbij wilde ik U informeren over de korte reportage die onze vrienden van de East Timor Action Network ( ) online hebben gezet van de demonstratie in New York op 29 april jl.
Deze reportage bevat een belangrijke boodschap in het Bahasa van mevrouw Alama Binbyak Mirino, Hoofd van de Womens Solidarity Movement in Biak. De reportage is ook te zien via Youtube, zie link:

De 29 april demonstratie in New York evenals die in Londen en in Australië tegen de Media restricties heeft momenteel geleid tot een baanbrekend effect:
Bij presidentieel decreet is West Papua Melanesia vanaf morgen opengesteld voor alle media! Dit is eerder vandaag bevestigd aan nieuwszender Al Jazeera, zie link:

Met vriendelijke groet,

Menase Wonggor Kaisiëpo Ms.

Kobe Oser

West Papua Report May 2015
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zaterdag 02 mei 2015 09:35

The issue covers events in April and the beginning of May. As we prepared to publish, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo was visiting West Papua. We will have coverage of this and other May events in the next issue.



This edition's Perspective is a statement issued by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua on the occasion of the 60th anniversary convocation of international leaders to commemorate the "Bandung Conference."  The Perspective notes the irony that both the 1955 anti-colonial gathering and its commemoration were hosted by Indonesia which continues a colonial occupation of West Papua.

UPDATE features the repression of peaceful Papuan demonstrators protesting Indonesia's occupation of West Papua since May 1, 1963. On April 29, protesters gathered in 22 cities around the world, to demand that Indonesia end its decades-old restrictions on access to West Papua.  A letter signed by 52 international organizations addressed to Indonesian President Widodo demanded access and decried repression.  Various NGO's including the Indonesian Journalists Association, Freedom House, the Pacific Freedom Forum, among others, similarly demanded an end to restrictions. The trial of a Papuan facing treason charges for assisting to French journalists in 2014 is moving forward reportedly on the basis of planted evidence.  Treason charges are being assembled against some West Papuans following their return to West Papua from a meeting with Indonesian Defence Minister Ryacudu.  A Presidential task force to examine some notorious human rights cases will be formed. Among the cases they will be tasked with reviewing is the Waisor/Wamena case in West Papua.  The World Wildlife Federation included West Papua as the site of projected severe forest loss.  A Papuan tribe has urged an end to timber-cutting permits.  A notorious Indonesian military figure who prosecuted the repression of opposition to Indonesia's annexation of West Papua in the 1960's and oversaw the implementation of the notorious "Act of Free Choice" is to be made an Indonesian "National Hero." A 20-year extension of Freeport's contract is being considered.  

In CHRONICLE: all issues of the TAPOL Bulletin are available online, a review of mining and repression in West Papua; an atlas identifying companies involved in the development of oil palm plantations in West Papua and a new video adds graphic information on  the December 2014 Paniai massacre.

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