OPM rebel wounded in clash with Brimob in Papua PDF Afdrukken

Merauke,  (ANTARA News) - Armed members of the separatist Free Papua Organization (OPM) clashed with police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) personnel at around 10 am Friday in the interior of Puncak Jaya district, leaving one of the insurgents wounded.

The clash occurred after the OPM members intercepted a Brimob detail that was on its way to Mulia, capital of Puncak Jaya district, according to informed sources.

An OPM member named Yendenak Wonda was wounded in the skirmish and later taken to the general hospital of Mulia for medical treatment.

The Brimob detail was attacked while it was returning to Mulia from an expedition to trace the location of an OPM base in the Tenggi Neri area together with Detachment 88 members on Thursday.

Earlier, on January 9, OPM members attacked a police station in Tinggi Nambut and ran away with four pieces of firearms belonging to the police. (*)