Solidarity for Papua
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'We are not monkeys, we are humans.' A demonstration to protest racist treatment of Papuan students by security forces takes place in front of Gedung Sate in Bandung, West Java, on Monday. (Antara Photo/Novrian Arbi)

AUGUST 19, 2019

A peaceful protest was held in front of Gedung Sate in Bandung, West Java, on Monday to protest the racist and violent treatment of Papuan students by security forces in Semarang, Malang and Surabaya last week. The protesters, members of a Papuan students association, carried posters with the slogans, "Stop Rasis" (Stop Racists) and "Kami Bukan Monyet" (We Are Not Monkeys). Papuan students in Surabaya were called "monkeys" by a crowd who barricaded their dormitory on the weekend. Security forces then fired tear gas into the dormitory to force the students out.

Papuan Activists Mark 56th Commemoration of New York Agreement
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donderdag 15 augustus 2019 06:25


A Papuan activist carries a placard stating that the 1969 Act of Free Choice (Pepera) is undemocratic, during a protest outside the United States Embassy in Central Jakarta on Thursday. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)
Papuan Activists Mark 56th Commemoration of New York Agreement


AUGUST 15, 2019

Papuan activists marched in Central Jakarta on Thursday to mark the 56th commemoration of the United Nations-brokered New York Agreement, which saw control over the western portion of the island of New Guinea transferred from the Netherlands to Indonesia.

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ICP News: 2nd Quarterly report 2019 | 23 victims of EJK throughout 2018 | Update on situation in Nduga | Further cases of EJKs
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News on West Papua's human rights and conflict situation
  • The Salim group builds palm oil empire in West Papua
  • New Caledonia rejects independence from France - Next referendum possible in 2020
  • Papuan church congregation under surveillance - Church members prevented from attending worship in Jayapura
  • Commemorations of Papuan independence proclamation - Protesters face intimidation and restrictions of freedom of assembly
  • Update armed conflict in Nduga regency - security force members kill indigenous woman and take her baby
  • Human rights defenders reveal illegal gold mining operation at Siriwo River, Nabire Regency
  • Human Rights Update West Papua - 2nd Quarter 2019
  • 23 victims of extra-judicial killings throughout 2018
  • Update on ongoing military operation in Nduga Regency - death toll higher than expected
  • Ronaldo Yawan dies during detention at police station in Baik - relatives raise allegations of torture
  • Two prisoners die after attempted escape from Abepura Detention Facility - KOMNAS HAM suspects prison negligence
  • Second extra-judicial killing in Wogikel Village within 10 months
  • Political detainee's physical condition deteriorates during detention
  • The Mairasi tribe protests against prolongation of logging concession
  • Terrorist organization allegedly established training camps in West Papua
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