Straffeloosheid in Papoea geeft politie en leger er de vrije hand
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donderdag 22 februari 2018 09:33

Reformatorisch Dagblad

Ab Jansen,22 februari 2018

Massale arrestaties, marteling en intimidaties. Het is de praktijk in de Indonesische provincie Papoea, maar vrijwel onbekend.

Op 8 februari liet de Tweede Kamer aan toenmalig minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Zijlstra weten bezorgd te zijn over de onderdrukking van de Papoeabevolking in Indonesië. De SGP stelde met steun van acht andere partijen vragen aan de minister. Vooral de mensenrechtenschendingen door leger en politie en het gebrek aan persvrijheid in de regio baarden de Kamer zorgen.

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UN Human Rights Chief to Examine Rights Abuses in Papua
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woensdag 07 februari 2018 08:38


Dozens of children in Asmat, Papua, have contracted measles and are considered malnourished. (Antara Photo/M Agung Rajasa)
By : Sheany | on 9:16 PM February 07, 2018

Jakarta. The United Nations high commissioner for human rights said on Wednesday (07/02) that he will send a mission to Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua, following reports of abuses against its indigenous population.

"I am also concerned about reports of excessive use of force by security forces, harassment, arbitrary arrests and detentions in Papua," Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein told reporters in Jakarta during his three-day visit to Indonesia.

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Rights Activists Develop Web GIS to Expose Papua's Riches
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dinsdag 06 februari 2018 08:27


Indonesian environmental activists have launched a geographic information system to democratize access to information on extractive industries in Papua. (Antara Photo/Olha Mulalinda)
By : Dames Alexander Sinaga | on 3:50 PM February 06, 2018

Jakarta. Indonesian environmental activists on Monday (05/02) launched a geographic information system that uses web technology — known as Web GIS — to democratize access to crucial information on extractive industries in Papua, the country's easternmost province and the site of many major mines, including the world's biggest gold mine Grasberg operated by Freeport Indonesia.

The Web GIS can be accessed at

Franky Samperante, executive director of rights group Yayasan Pusaka, said the idea of ​​making the Web GIS came from long-held concerns about how difficult it is to obtain information and data related to extractive concession industries in Papua.

The Indonesian government has a commitment to support public disclosure — in particular on land management — but the reality has not matched up to its promise, Franky said.

"We want to provide a way to access various information and data related to permits and maps of extractive activities in Papua," Franky said in Jakarta.

Franky said the Web GIS compares facts on the ground with information and data obtained from the government.

Charles Tawaru, an environmental activist from Papua Forest Watch, said Web GIS will help the public get accurate information on current land status in Papua.

"Nearly 65 percent of Papua is a site for huge investment... from mines to palm oil plantations. But our indigenous people hardly enjoy the same privileges as these companies' shareholders or the government," Charles said.

He said the Web GIS was not developed to point out the "mistakes" of a particular party, but to provide information on what really happens in Papua to the public.

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