Papua group to examine Indonesian airstrip raid PDF Afdrukken

A self-styled exiled administration, the West Papua National Authority, says it’s investigating the two-week occupation of an airstrip in Papua’s Mamberamo Raya regency which ended on Sunday when Indonesian anti-terror police regained control of the facility.

At least three people were killed after the paramilitary police stormed the airstrip in isolated Kasepo sub-district which had been occupied by a group of unidentified gunmen, following failed negotiations to end the siege.

Police say the three killed include two suspected separatists, and that several officers were seriously injured.

A spokesman for the Authority, Herman Wainggai, says more than 20 civilians were also injured by police.

He says the violence highlights the growing problems around the military build-up in Papua.

“The Indonesian plan for using all the airports in every place in West Papua, including Mamberamo, to drop all their troops. So that’s what I was told by people in West Papua, that the people in Mamberamo, they disagree with the military, about the plan of the Indonesian government, building up troops and sending them to Mamberamo.”

Herman Wainggai

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