Five Australians cautious about impending release from Indonesia’s Papua region PDF Afdrukken

A supporter of five Australians detained in Indonesia since September for flying into Papua without visas or flight clearance says the group won’t be celebrating their release until they’re back in Australia.

The five are to be set free after the Indonesian Supreme Court rejected an appeal by prosecutors against an earlier high court decision in their favour.

The editor of the Torres Strait News, Mark Bousen, says after being told twice before that they could leave Papua only for the decision to change, they are cautious.

“I’ve just spoken with their solicitors and legal people in Indonesia and they assure me that this is the real deal, that they will be home, that there are a couple of legal formalities that need to be sorted out but that once that’s done, they can come home. They are really excited but they’re cautious about it in case it falls over for some unforeseen reason.”

Mark Bousen

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