TNI soldiers involved in fatal shooting of Papuan teenager PDF Afdrukken

Thirteen-year-old Isak Pesakot was shot and killed by Indonesian Military (TNI) soldiers patrolling in the Keerom regency, Papua, on Monday.

Lt. Col. Susilo, spokesperson of the Papua Military Command, confirmed the incident on Tuesday.

“TNI soldiers at Bewan military post in Keerom were responsible for the shooting. The incident is now under investigation,” he said as quoted by Antara state news agency.

Servo Tuamis, a local tribal chief, said Isak was walking home from a visit to a relative in Skoscahu, Papua New Guinea (PNG), with his brothers when they met a patrol team of eight soldiers and dogs. The three children ran away after being chased by the dogs and two of them climbed a tree to escape while Isak stayed on the ground.

“The children in the tree heard two shots and shouted that they were Indonesians and to stop firing,” he said.

Keerom is a border area between Indonesia and PNG and Servo said local citizens frequently crossed the border to visit their relatives.

Last week an officer of the Jayapura Police was detained by PNG authorities for allegedly illegally crossing the border at Wutung Beach in Keerom. (dre)