West Papua Bogolame Interview Exclusive and Photo News Before the Indonesia Military and Police Atta PDF Afdrukken

WPNews: Can you tell us what happening in your village

Yugum Tabuni : I need to tell you that today Indonesia Military and Police about 400 Personnel from Wamena and tolikara come to our Village with heavy weapon Attack our Villager.

WPNews: who are the come to your village

Yugum Tabuni: this Military and Police are come from two direction Wamena and Tolikara about 400 personnel they bourn our Village we still hiding in the Juggles.

WPNews : why the Military and Police attack your Village

Yugum Tabuni: they attack our Village because we rising morning star flag in Our village peacefully and we not disturb Indonesia Militari and Police we rising in Our village not Indonesia Land.

WPNews How many Peoples been kill and how many village are bourn

Yugum Tabuni : today I can report to you but because Military still surrounding us I will report latter but I sow from mountain that one Village call Munak already bourn down on the ground. We still hiding so I don’t know how many peoples are kill.

WPNews: why you rise morning star flag in the Village

Yugum Tabuni: we raise the morning star Flag in the Village because this is our identity and our national Flag. So we could raise any were we like we not go to Indonesia land and raise but this our land to raise the morning star but now Military and Police attach. We need international community to help us because they if not they will continue to kill many of us like what happen in 1977 here some district hundred thousand kill.

We need now very urgently need help put pressure to Indonesia Government please.

Thank you for your time Mr. Yugum Tabuni
Interview directly from WPNews United Kingdom