Earthquake Wreaks Destruction in West-Papua PDF Afdrukken

Bron: by Angga Ratnafuri    January 04, 2009

Manokwari (Januari/5/2009)- Two-time major earthquake and more than one hundred times of the earthquake continuation shocks Manokwari and Sorong and Biak. As a result, hundreds of homes, dozens of hotels, dozens of government facilities, and houses of worship destroyed. Recent data, the earthquake  had kill four people.

Until last night, people still flee. There are sleeping in the office of regent, Kodim 1703,Barorsi Field , and make a tent in front of each house. Residents who live on the beach also flee to the hills.


The first quake occurred at 04.43 WIT. Meteorological and Geophysical Agency (BMG) Sorong record, the first earthquake strength 7.2 Richter scale. The earthquake center at the 0.42 south latitude (LS), 132 east longitude (BT), the depth of 10 km, and the distance of 135 km northwest of Manokwari. The earthquake that lasted about 30 seconds, which caused panic and people jump out of the house. Residents who stayed in the coastal beaches, such as Borobudur, Wirsi, Kwawi, Fanindi, Sanggeng, and Wosi, flee to secure themselves. They evacuate to higher places because fear that tsunami will happen.


The first earthquake caused Yolanda, 10, residents of Manokwari, died struck down a fence wall STIH campus. The first shocks also devastate a number of building houses, offices, school buildings and other facilities. Some of the people was to hospital with serious and light injuries. They struck down ruins of the building, exposed to shatter glass, and fell from the stairs.


At the mmorning people start a little calm. However, at 07.33 WIT, sudden shocks occur more. Earthquake strength 7.6 Richter scale occurred again. The earthquake was the second near the City of Manokwari. That is, are at 0.88 LS, 133.38 BT, depth of 10 km, and is only 76 km from the City of Manokwari. As a result, dozens of hotels in the city Manukwari collapse and severe damage.


Bupati Manokwari Mandacan Dominggus ask citizens to remain vigilant because the earthquake continuation may  occurs anytime. He hopes that residents do not sleep in the house.