Film: Forgotten Bird of Paradise PDF Afdrukken

Let op: dit artikel komt uit pro-indonesische bron!!
Forgotten Bird of Paradise who screening in England, not documenter film about Papua,  Benny Wenda and his networking in England, Dutch and Australia try to promote the film and hopefully take support  like financial and popularity so that they have money and can survive living with his family in England. They have hidden mission on screening all film about Papua, one of them film  Forgotten Bird of Paradise. All papuan people know, the film only provoke International Community to take action and give support  to Separatist group in Papua or in abroad like Benny Wenda and his colleagues.

In this regard, we hope all stakeholders in Papua and Jakarta to take measure like tighten of secure  and increasing patrolling in border  area because we suspicious how the film maker like Dominic Brown  (British Citizen) and Jono Van Hest (Dutch Citizen) can entrance to Papua? Its could be somebady help them to do it. Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah commented that filming in Papua "violated the principles of journalism". On the contrary, reporting events in Papua, despite official attempts to keep them from media attention, is showing journalistic integrity. As we know the filmmaker spent months with the OPM and has said publicly that he made the film to sympathize with them, it is likely the film was pulled because it was propaganda rather than a documentary. 

I think this is the right decision because this is not good to interfere in Indonesia's problems. The best thing to do for those who don't agree about this is to just to send your comments/complaints to the nearest Indonesian Embassy, etc. Also, one thing that everyone must remember is that whether you like it or not, Papua is a part of Indonesia.